Elder Clifton Winkler is back home…You are invited…Thank you…

Angelina Winkler's photo.

Elder Clifton Winkler is BACK HOME!  Two years has went by so fast.  We are happy for the choices he continues to make in his life. 

He will be speaking in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Bow Valley Chapel (on the corner of Crowchild Trail and 24th Ave N.W.) on Sunday, May 31st at 1:00pm.  He will also be speaking in the Banff Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Sunday, June 14th.  You are invited.  Thank you for your support.

From now on this blog will be written by Clifton Winkler personally…

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Prayer WORKS!..Latest Baptism…Mission President…My Companion is Amazing.

Photo  taken at our latest baptism.  Mission President and wife were there too (standing beside me).  My companion is pretty amazing.  We were praying to get someone to church and we had this man who was prepared by the Lord, S——-.  He really wants to investigate the church.  Prayer WORKS!  It is pretty amazing…Looking forward to speaking with you on Skype on Mothers Day.  Love, Elder Winkler

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Read last week blog entry and you have got it!

Elder Winkler said word for word the exact same in his email home  this week as he did last week.  What more can we say?

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Inspired Finding. Companion Great. One Scheduled.

We did some inspired finding this week.  The lady of the house got really interested and asked to read The Book of Mormon.  She asked us to come back and the appointment is seven days later. 

Companion is doing great as usual. 

Just one baptism scheduled.

Elder Winkler

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Media Blitz…Awesome Media Referral who has Been Reading The Book of Mormon and Found it to be True…Youtube Insert.

Yes, B——- got baptized this last week, and I can’t send photos as the card reader is not working.  He had his mother there at the church.  It was so sweet and the Spirit was super strong. 


(Above link is inserted from our Canada Vancouver Mission Facebook page.)

We got an awesome media referral.  We gave her a phone call and she said she would be at church.  She has been reading The Book of Mormon and has found out that it is true.  She even brought her friend along.  It was sweet having someone there who was super interested.  There were a bunch of friends in the Ward that she knew.  We texted her afterward and we are meeting with her this week and she is looking forward to church next week.

Another highlight of the week was a media blitz and there were people all over our mission working with us missionaries.  Love, Elder Winkler

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Oops!..Elder Crapo…Baptisms

Oops!  That is Bishop Dale G——–, their son is here in Chilliwack.  My companion is Elder Crapo from Sunridge Ward in Calgary.

Curtis Crapo's photo.

  We have two baptisms.  B—- just got baptized and G—— in a few weeks.  Elder Winkler

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Back with Bishop Guenthor…Last Transfer?…Cool New Companion.

We got our transfer calls this week and I am getting transferred to Chilliwack where Bishop and Sister Guenthor are.  It is going to be pretty sweet for my last transfer.  This is where the Chilliwack Church is:

Map of the business location


My new companion is Elder Crapo.  He is a cool Elder.  I have met him before.  I don’t know much about the investigators that we will be teaching there.   All is well.  Elder Winkler

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