June 14,2013 Elder Winkler in his last letter

June 14,2013

Elder Winkler in his last letter explained that he took a plane from Vancouver to Terrace then a car to Smithers and then on to Burns Lake where he is serving. One day his first week there he got to brand cows and push them along to be branded.  That was so awesome, he wants to do it again every week.

Zone conference is coming up and he is looking forward to solving some of the situations regarding the work they are doing with the people.

He and his companion got to teach 7 lessons this week.  They are working with the ward council to see how they can find more people to teach.

He says, “I like how you feel the spirit every day.  I really hope me and my companion will be able to find more people and progress the work.”

The Winkler Family have started a missionary blog, and it has 3 entries so far.  As soon as we know how to have you access it we shall pass that along.

Elder Winkler continues to be a great blessing in our lives.  With our friend, Ursula Jennings, John and Brenda have 38 more Winkler Family names to take to the temple.  This is another blessing that follows on the heels of Clifton’s Stake Presidents challenge to have 150 family names to take to the temple before he leaves on his mission.  Temple work is so motivating.  It brings families together in such necessary ways.

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