ONE CONVERT…that would be me.

I love you guys so much.  It has been fun here.  On my first day here I almost

called it quits, but it seems like I’m getting used to it.  I have learned to pray

sooo hard.  I have been out for a month.  The work is hard, but so good for me.

If I don’t get a convert on my mission, I will still have one…ME!

The natives have such strong testimonies of the gospel and from 

what they tell me, they always see “The Spirit” yet they are 

addicted to the world.  They don’t see the joy of the gospel because

they never really come to church.


There are a lot of Mennonites here.  Their pastor told them to never read the

Book of Mormon and to condemn us to hell.  It is amazing, the pastors must KNOW 

it is true!  They would make such awesome members!


President Tillman is our mission president.  He is such a spiritual man.

Everything is getting better as I get better as a missionary.

Hope you guys are getting better on your two year mission in Banff.

Angelina, here is an awesome reference about adding and not adding

to the Bible.  Revelations 22:18, Deut. 4:2-3 and Proverbs 30:6.


I love you.  See you in 23 months.  “I will go.  I will do.  The things the Lord

commands.  I know the Lord provides a way.  He wants me to obey.”

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