FIRST MAILED LETTER HOME…picture of me on a wall and start talking

FIRST MAILED LETTER HOME...picture of me on a wall and start talking

I HAVE BEEN WORKING HARD. WE HAVE FOUND EIGHT NEW PEOPLE WE ARE TEACHING! Dad, I remember the chats and good times we had, how I complained, which I shouldn’t have. But, I loved all the home teaching, young men meetings and other stuff. Dad, you are so cool. This is what you have done for me in a good way. Genesis 22:9-12, 16-19 and Jacob 4:5. Mostly, I really miss going to the temple and probably will not be able to go the Vancouver Temple for a long time.

Angelina go as much as you can to the Calgary Temple before you go to Florida on your mission. When people you are teaching say the Book of Mormon is from the devil and you will be cast into hell if you read it, it makes you want to be a great teacher so they, in spite of what their preacher says are changed to be brave enough to just read it and pray. I have come to know they will feel the Holy Spirit if they have courage enough to read and pray in a pure way. Angelina, I am sending you some scriptures so you can cross reference and quick tab them. They are about becoming like Heavenly Father: 1 John 3:2, Romans 8:17, Cor. 3:18, Luke 12:44, Psalms 82:6

Jackeileen, I loved your letter. You are awesome! I am also looking forward to talking with you in your car when I get home. You know this is just a funny idea I have…If you ever want to talk with me, just put a picture of me on a wall and start talking. You never know Revelation and Prayer might get it here. Sister, read Esther 1-8.


Mom (the person who is awesome, just like the rest of the family). You are such a spiritual giant and now I know all the questions that I had before my mission are all gone or answered. I hope everything is going well and I know you are such a beast, helping people that have been rained on, so there is a scripture that I want you to read…ALMA 14.

I am sorry to be sending home your letters. I read them and they are awesome, but I really need to work on the work, not my mind concentrated on family. Sorry that sounds really bad but I LOVE YOU.
(This pen is for dad on Fathers Day. It is from a member who makes them of wood from the Philippines.)

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One Response to FIRST MAILED LETTER HOME…picture of me on a wall and start talking

  1. Cheryl Mathieson says:

    I’m so glad I’m able to follow you on your mission! Elder Winkler I am so impressed with the spirit that comes from your entry…counsel, growth, and scriptures. Thank you for representing our ward and the Saviour so commendably!

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