It has been a great week.  Pretty much all the persons we teach are cattle ranchers or they work in the mines.  Most of them are members of the FIRST NATION people.

We spend a good deal of the time working with non members and less-active members of the church who have become addicted to worldly ways.

Right now we are working with 10 persons.  There are many potential baptisms.  One guy named Curtis, wants to get baptized, but he hasn’t told his concern to us.  He is addicted to something.  We are hoping and praying that he will be brave enough to share with us.

We are learning as we are teaching, it is not about who is right or wrong, it is about teaching with the spirit and then faithfully acting with what we have learned. 

We are going out and doing good each day.  Praying that the Lord will guide us to those who are needing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  My companion Elder Henry is pretty cool.  It is getting close to transfer time.  We work good together and those  blessings just keep coming.

Dad remember how much you have been an example to me.


We put aside the “worldly ways” and live in the safety of the LORD’S WAY.

PS.  Sister this may sound corny but just tell those boys,”Don’t even look at me cause I’m Elder Winkler’s sister.”


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One Response to Sister tell those boys,”DON’T EVEN LOOK AT ME CAUSE I’M ELDER WINKLER’S SISTER.”

  1. Dan says:

    Way to go Clifton your such a great example of what we can be doing better at. I still remember the great talk you gave at your far well the spirit was so strong why because you are so clean and pure a worthy vessel of the lord, it does not take a lot of words to convey this. Missionary work is hard , because people have their choices. I like the temple way of doing missionary work they just accept or reject it we provide the opportunity for them.

    I was thinking about some of my greatest experiences while on my mission and I remember they happened when we did things like
    Pray for what you need with regards to those investigators , they are Heavenly Fathers children also so don’t be afraid to ask for righteous desires. and believe that you will receive. Alma 37: 40 teaches me that if I have faith to believe that God will direct me he will . This happens when we have done what we can to follow the rules he has set for us [ commandments] Then ask for what we need or want , then listen and watch , he may send some one to you , he may give you clear thoughts or ideas as to what to say or do, or where to go , who to talk to. These come as new ideas to your mind , or a feeling in your heart confirming that which is right. How do you know this thought is a good thing to do ? If we follow this thought to action what could happen ?You can be the judge, does it lead us or someone else closer to Christ then it is right.
    Clifton Be safe work hard and smart , enjoy this time, it is so great that you have devoted this time of your life , it will be a blessing for the rest of your life .
    Love Uncle Dan

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