“There is strength in knowing we are all children of God”

Hey, everyone, Thank you for the support and the  

cool photos you sent.  It is going great here!

There are two important things I have been thinking on

lately.  First the words of President Thomas S. Monson,

when he said, “No one has learned the meaning of living

until he has surrendered his ego to the service of his 

fellow man.  Service to others is akin to duty, the 

fulfillment of which brings true joy.  We do not live alone-

in our city, our nation, or our world.  There is no dividing

line between our prosperity and our neighbor’s 

wretchedness.  “Love thy Neighbor” is more than a 

divine truth.  It is a pattern for perfection.”

The other thing is that there is strength in knowing we

are all children of God… President Gordon B. Hinkley

said, “There is strength even in our very diversity.  But

there is greater strength in the God-given mandate to

each of us to work for the uplift and blessing of all his

sons and daughters, regardless of their ethnic or 

national origin or other differences.”

Back to Elder Saunders and I…We are going to the

South side of Burns Lake today to teach a lady who has

been to church the past 8 weeks.  We are reviewing the

restoration of the gospel with her.  It is going to be a 

great lesson.  We won’t even ask her to be baptized.  She

will be able to feel the spirit so hard, she will ask to be

baptized.  You guessed it, we are doing well together.


 This week we

were in Prince George when there was a General 

Authority there.  It was really cool.  He had a strong

spirit with him as he taught us of his great love of the

gospel.  (I also saw cousin Ammon Potrie there 

and gave him a great hug.)  As soon as I get my 

camera back I shall send you some cool pictures

I have taken.  Thank you for the great and funny

updates from home.  (This was a long post as it was

three letters home and one email this week.)  

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5 Responses to “There is strength in knowing we are all children of God”

  1. Natalie Struk says:

    keep up the good work
    Natalie Struk

  2. Irene Gilchrist says:

    What a blessing you are to your parents, your sisters and our ward. We are indeed Heavenly Father’s children. He is but a prayer away from our challenges. Keep up the wonderful work. Your testimony is felt.

  3. Rod says:

    Dear Elder Winkler we love all the great work you are doing out there in the mission field! keep all those great experiences happening and personal growth along with baptisms. we love you and pray fro your success and safety every day . Uncle Rod Auntie Susan and family

  4. Tom Glenn says:

    The Sons of Helaman learned to do things with exactness.
    Carry on Elder Winkler.

  5. Kim Tyers says:

    Hey hometeacher! How awesome is it that missionaries get to blog while serving?! We love reading your updates. Glad things are going well. Love the Mr. Rogers quote. Keep up the faithful service, Elder Winkler!

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