Libby loves coming to church for the social part. She asks such….

Well, it is still good in Burns Lake.  I am learning lots.

I hope I can complete my time well in Burns Lake.

We have this lady named Libby.  She loves coming

to church,

for the social part.  She asks such inspiring, thoughtful

questions.  I hope she will get a testimony of the 

doctrine of Christ for herself.  

All of our baptismal dates lately have fallen 

through.  I guess it makes me a better person?

It is really true.  I have knocked on every door in

Burns Lake like 3-4 times now.


I wonder why they say, “No, I am not interested.

Why do you come by so often?”

I keep wondering why the Lord has sent me to the 

people of Burns Lake.  I’m believing it is for me to 

grow my testimony so then, I may bless others.

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3 Responses to Libby loves coming to church for the social part. She asks such….

  1. Irene Gilchrist says:

    I was one of those people who didn’t feel I needed any church. A week before I had bluntly refused Jehovah missionaries in my apartment; then a few missionaries came to my door the following week LDS missionaries knocked on my door before I knew it they were inside and teaching me about the gospel, specifically about the First Vision. Hang in there, the timing needs to be when their hearts will be receptive as mine became:)
    You have a strong testimony and such a positive attitude. You will be lead through your dedication.

  2. Cheryl Mathieson says:

    While I was on my mission we were teaching a woman. We had had a couple of discussions, but at the end of one of the discussions she told us she didn’t want us to come by anymore. As we walked away from her house I turned to my companion and stated, “I don’t get it! We have brought her the good news and she’s rejected it! Why can’t she recognize what we have?” My companion looked back at me and responded, ” They rejected the Saviour too while he was ministering here on earth.”
    People have the freedom to choose…this is another gift given to them.
    Don’t get discouraged! Keep spreading seeds and one of these times someone will want to know more.

  3. susan Byers says:

    I am happy to read your letters. Your dedication is inspiring and I am grateful to have you share your experience and journey.
    Then I began to realize that I had to take another step in my evolution and growth” Eileen Caddy
    ” The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God” Mary Baker Eddy
    Keep smiling along the way.
    You are loved.

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