Blessings come where you are not expecting them at all.

I am trying to figure out how to respond to the great blog responses.  For my level of expertise, there are some technical difficulties. Thank you for your prayers, letters and thinking about me.

You know, Burns Lake is going very well.  Libby is still coming to church, and we have a new foster child in the branch.  He is with the Lambert Family.  Perhaps I have mentioned this family before?  Their boy is really interested but because of some A.D.D. challenges it is really hard for him to concentrate on things.  We were teaching the “Gospel Principles” class at church and it was on the fall of Adam and Eve.  This boy is 12 years of age but you could really feel the Holy Ghost during that lesson.  

It reminds me that the Holy Ghost is no respecter of persons.  We continue to teach him and modify out of respect for his young age.  

We had twelve lessons set up for this week and not one of them worked out.  The great thing was if these twelve lessons would have worked out we would not have got the three new investigators that we did.  So we learned again that blessing come where you are not expecting them at all.  We were just doing what we knew, that was right, and the Lord led us to them…


Thank you for the emails from the blog and the COOL quotes.  They really get me thinking about what I need to do better.     Again, Thank You.     From, Elder Winkler

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One Response to Blessings come where you are not expecting them at all.

  1. Dan says:

    Hey Clifton it’s good to hear from you in your letters, We are praying for you .
    Burns lake looks like out in the middle of no where. It must be an adventure . May be you could do some service like cutting and chopping wood you know that would be learning part of your heritage. Then you could say my grandpa is a logger and he is a great Mormon ,our family has been greatly blessed because their choice to join the church .
    You have a great way with people so just let you true colors shine .
    All the best Uncle Dan

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