President Karl Tilleman and “What is the Worth of a Soul?

Burns Lake is still Burns Lake and I like it.  It has really changed my thinking especially regarding what the worth of a soul  means to God.  As Mission President Karl Tilleman emails Elder Saunders and I, we have been going over some of our goals here as a companionship. I wanted to share with you a link about my mission President Karl Tilleman.  He was amazing long before he became my mission president.

I have learned so much about setting goals from him and his wife.  President Tilleman was my hero from learning of him when I attended Sir Winston Churchill High School (an experience we both shared.) He encourages us in setting goals regarding the people we are working with, and their covenant making with Heavenly Father.

I have learned that goals reflect the desire of your heart, and what happens down the road from that set goal.       Elder Winkler  

P.S. Dad, thanks for those photos.  They bring a tear to my eye.

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2 Responses to President Karl Tilleman and “What is the Worth of a Soul?

  1. Irene Gilchrist says:

    Elder Winkler did you also know that his parents lived in 17th ward years ago prior to their moving to Cardston.

    What a great experience to have him as your Mission President! I can’t wait to view the clip which you have attached about setting goals. No matter how old or young we are it is a wonderful habit for our journey.

    Have a great week:)

  2. Irene Gilchrist says:

    Elder winkler, thank you so much for sharing that link about President Tilleman. What an amazing example he is to all of us.

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