“This feeling that I’m having…What is it?”

There was a really cool experience with the Spirit this week.  My companion and I had arranged that we were going to tract the Burns Lake Street on 9th.  But the Spirit whispered to me that we needed to go instead to this road east of Burns Lake.  That we needed to knock on the doors out of town on this Road named Gowan.

The first door we knocked on this guy named Ridge opened the door and invited us in.  All of Ridge’s family had left him.  He has had problems with alcohol for three years.  Three months ago his house had burned down.  In two days he had made the plan to kill himself.  He made the perfect plan to do it.  That day when he saw us coming to knock on the door, for some reason, he decided to let us in.  He proceeded to talk with us about what he was going to do.  

We listened lots, then spoke and testified of Christ about how He saves all men.  Ridge said he had chills up and down his spine.  He asked, “This feeling that I am having…What is it?”

We testified of the Atonement of the Savior.  The Holy Ghost was thick and it bore witness of what we were teaching him.

The Lord helped us find Ridge.  I have felt the Spirit like that a few times only my whole life.  I am so grateful that God hears and answers our prayers.  

 Now I am getting transferred from Burns Lake to West Vancouver.  Completely different from Burns Lake.  LOTS of people.  Thank you for all the support, prayers, and emails.  Sister Gilchrist, I shall speak with President Tilleman about what you said.

Much love, your trying to be a Disciple,

Elder Winkler

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4 Responses to “This feeling that I’m having…What is it?”

  1. Rod says:

    wow that was am awesome experience Clifton keep up the Great work you stalwart stripling warrior. Good luck in West Vancouver

  2. Irene Gilchrist says:

    Elder Winkler,
    What a unique experience for you and your companion!!! The Lord chooses missionaries through their humility and devotion to Jesus Christ to touch the hearts of those who are in need and will listen to your message.
    Wherever your mission president sends you I have no doubt that you will serve well:)
    Have a super week.

  3. Dan says:

    That is awesome thanks for sharing

  4. Randy potrie says:

    I love the Lord’s help and to see it followed up, that’s IT! Way to go

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