Good Bye “Smallville” Burns Lake…..Hello “Big Town” North Vancouver

You already know the news!  I have been transferred.  The new mailing address is:

Elder Clifton Winkler, 358 East 9th, North Vancouver B.C., V7L-2B2

The coldest it got in Burns Lake was 3 inches of snow and minus 7 degrees.  I really am looking forward to colder weather here in North Vancouver.  This is a very different area than Burns Lake.  There are more people in two blocks in North Vancouver than in all of Burns Lake.  A super big, busy city.  It is like I am in a different mission suddenly.  Some people believe that this is the richest place in all of Canada.


The Ward here in North Vancouver is missionary minded.   They are willing and come out with us doing everything they can to help.  We spend lots of our time tracting and striving to expand our teaching pool.  That teaching pool is expanding and this area is just awesome!  Loving the work!

Thank you for the updates on the Philippines and  the Angel Moroni on the tops of the temples history.  Thank you for the support.  Some of the emails/letters make me cry from the Spirit I feel.  Much love from Elder Winkler in North Vancouver.   

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3 Responses to Good Bye “Smallville” Burns Lake…..Hello “Big Town” North Vancouver

  1. Frank Hickey & Family says:

    Hi Clifton! You are certainly growing from your missionary experience!

  2. susan Byers says:

    Wow quite the change of scenery for you and the other Elder’s.
    Life as we say is a confidence game. Most of us are confidence in most things most of the time and shaky when we are outside our normal spheres of knowledge and comfort. As I read your letters your are growing and teaching with confidence. You are a young man out there teaching and changing lives. “The only regrets I’ll have are from things I didn’t do rather than ones I do.”
    Keep grinning and the sparkle in your eyes as I remember.

  3. Irene Gilchrist says:

    Have a super week!!!! Awesome to hear that the members of North Vancouver are hard working members supporting their missionaries;)

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