Brother Baker, Frank, Tommy and FIVE Pages a Day Changes One’s Life…

The news is my companion, Elder “Summer” is having a hard time getting used to the Canadian “Winter.”   A mission is days jammed full of stress and fun.   Vancouver North Shore area, is much different than Burns Lake.  I saw cousin Sharla at  the Stake Christmas Musical Fireside.  Her and her husband were sitting in front of us!  I got the letters, packages and stuff.  Thank you!

 About this week…We had a great Preparation Day then we stopped by this guy named Brother Baker’s, (he is not a member yet) he is having relationship challenges.  She is striving to get divorced from her first husband.   We shared a message about family prayer with Elder Summer and I testifying that the Lord will find a way for each of us to perform our first saving ordinance.  We had a service day helping a member of The Church of Christ, who is having  a hard time in his family.  He said he could and would prove us wrong all day while we worked, and then he would convert us.  We laughed and had a good time helping him.  I think he really wanted to meet and learn about the gospel.  He seemed more interested than what he made out to be.   Reading five pages of the Book of Mormon a day has given me great strength as a missionary.  It has strengthened my testimony of the power of this work that we are about.  That is life changing for me.  That is the main thing that is making my time as a missionary so fun.  

We went by to see Frank.  It turns out, Frank had moved.  The person that had moved in was Tommy.  Tommy really loved the message we shared about prophets, revelation, and being cleansed of our sins.  He wanted to know more so we are looking forward to our appointment with him once again this week. 

Looking forward to the Christmas Day phone call home…

Elder Winkler 

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