Split off with the Assistant to the Mission President and Learning Lots!!!

This week was good.  We got to split as a companionship with the Assistants to the Mission President.  They are really good with talking with people.  We have been trying to find people to teach and they just came in and made it so easy.  I went on this exchange with Elder Bingham.  He was able to teach me so much.  He said,”If Jesus Christ was here would you listen?” and then he said,”If Peter or Paul were here would you listen?”  Later when he said,”We have that same authority.”

It seemed as if the persons we were teaching knew not what to say.  The Spirit of truth spoke to their hearts.  We were everyone so happy, all of us smiling and laughing.

We had a baptismal date with this man who expressed a strong interest in the gospel.  He wanted to learn about the purpose of life, so we testified of Jesus Christ’s plan for us.  We looked forward to meeting with him again last Saturday at 7:00pm.  Elder Summer and I were so looking forward to this appointment that we brought a member to come with us.  Our investigator stood us up!  Sooo disappointed we were!  Understanding why someone would reject a message of peace in their life is hard…Free agency is such a great gift!  How to let people be free to choose to be happy or otherwise?   The spirit has proved to me how divine this work is to the Lord and His Disciples.

Sincerely, much love and respect, Elder Winkler

P.S. Looking forward to that Christmas Phone call home this week and Yam Fries too!

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