Vancouver Temple, Spiritual Feast, New Year 2014 and Sushi…

At the beginning of this week we had the opportunity to meet with a member family and it was great feasting on the scriptures.  We learned together how powerful we are to everyone about us if we faithfully study our scriptures.

We had had a good feeling about this one street last week so we made plans to this week  go there.  Wow!  We were able to find a lot of people that were interested.  One of the ladies is First Nation.  When we finished teaching, she was so excited, she eagerly reached for the Book of Mormon kinda ripping it right out of our hands.

On New Years Eve we had a District Meeting in the morning and mostly had visits with member families for the rest of the day and had to be in early as missionaries because of the nature of New Years Evening activities.  Yet we still had time to visit with a former investigator, we taught the great Plan of Salvation and he really liked it.  Then we had sushi!   What could be better than that!

We had exchanges with the West Vancouver missionaries.  They are Elder L. and Elder H.   We were able to find a new Muslim investigator (from Saudi Arabia), he was very interested on how we could live with our family forever.  He wanted to know how the priesthood works, so we are meeting with him again soon!


All the highlights of my week!  I am where I need to be at this time.  Sister, don’t be afraid to say, “My Brother could beat you up!” if anyone is messing with you!  God bless you and everyone else too!

 Elder Winkler

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2 Responses to Vancouver Temple, Spiritual Feast, New Year 2014 and Sushi…

  1. Randy potrie says:

    Great work there Elder wonderful! Have a wonderful week

  2. Irene Gilchrist says:

    Super week for you!! The plan of salvation is so real, I have been able to rediscover it all over again through my dad and my father in law’s passing. Of course, there has been a period of grief but I was so much better prepared to let them go and return to Heavenly Father’s presence.
    Irene Gilchrist

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