Tender Mercy, Family History, Repentance and Following the Savior

 We had a great week.  The tender mercy that God gave us was when we stopped by to visit with this man named J.B.   He related to us that he had been praying that we would come back.  The spirit that he felt the last time the missionaries were there, he had been praying for our return.  Meanwhile, his close friend had passed away, without baptism, concerning him further.

He was wondering about the state of his soul as well as that of his friend.  We taught him the Great Plan of Salvation, how he could participate personally, by being baptized, doing his own genealogy and family history.  

We taught him that he could do this work of finding his own ancestors.  He could help (by proxy) get sealed to his wife who also had passed on, through Priesthood Authority and Holy Temples.  Upon receiving these truths from us, J.B. started to cry.  Through his tears he said, “I want to do this!”  “When can I do this?” 

We taught the process of repentance.  Teaching that the Savior calls all men to repentance, and that everything will be made right by the Atonement of  Christ.  That all men must follow in His path…

 What a blessing to be a part of this week with J.B.

Elder Winkler

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4 Responses to Tender Mercy, Family History, Repentance and Following the Savior

  1. Cheryl Mathieson says:

    This post brought tears to my eyes. Thank you! I hop he follows through and is able to get his wife sealed to him. Missionary work is wonderful!

  2. Rod says:


    We thrill with anticipation your letters home. What a GREAT work you are doing. You must be inspired to be so privileged to be contacting such great investigators. Our prayers are with you daily and we often put your name on the prayer roll so that you can be blessed even further. Isn’t this just the best 2 years of your life ? My mission surely was for me and I only wish to be able to get back out in to the mission field to be able to do it all over again as a retired person. Please be grateful for this wonderful blessing of being able to serve the Lord, and your fellow men, in this short 2 years of your life ( I see it as a 1/10 or a tithing) on the first 20 years of your life. What a great way to consecrate your life to the Lord in what is often called the University of the Lord – your mission.
    Stay true and faithful, you are truly a valiant stripling warrior!

    Love always your Uncle Rod Auntie Susan and Family

  3. Frank Hickey & Family says:

    Good Morning Clifton! Your work is certainly challenging, however the results of this important mission will show up in your personal life today and in the future. God Bless You and your family.

  4. Irene Gilchrist says:

    What great news!! The Spirit which he felt will keep him on track. I will never forget my first lessons with my missionaries. I cried so much as I was being testified of the gospel truth.
    JB has been through do much already I pray that he will find the comfort and joy the gospel can bring into his life.
    Take care. Sister Gilchrist.

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