“J.B.”, Joy in Everything We Do, No Matter Location We Are as One as We Serve The Lord…

I am working hard on talking with people and improving my speech.  My companion, Elder S. prefers that I do all the talking.  I just laugh and say, “I get to bear my testimony more…”  

This week was stressful.  J.B., (who you were also praying for) said he needed to “figure things out” before he could keep his baptismal date that he had set.  We were meeting with another guy, “T” but it turned out that he had to move to Gibson a few days earlier than he had expected.  Pretty much all the solid appointments we had fell through…The beautiful thing about the Atonement of Christ is that if we do all that we can and we still come up short, or people aren’t ready to find Christ’s teaching,  just keep working,  don’t complain,  just think about right now and why you are here.


I don’t know why I was sent to Vancouver B.C. Mission,  just a stone’s throw away from home…

I am just grateful to always have such amazing study time and from that,  and when you find something in the scriptures and in life, and you ponder upon it and you begin to cry not knowing why, but there is such a Spirit behind it you cannot hold it back.  I hope everyone will be able to have an experience like this that I had a couple of days ago.  To get to your knees and thank Heavenly Father for everything that he has given you and for this experience you just had. 

I hope for all,  joy in everything you do,  by serving the Lord and pondering upon His words.  Thank you also for your support!   – Elder Winkler

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One Response to “J.B.”, Joy in Everything We Do, No Matter Location We Are as One as We Serve The Lord…

  1. Rod says:

    Dear Elder Winkler
    I shared this story with your sister Angelina (just a great missionary experience

    I have been praying for missionary opportunities to Hasten the work for you and for me. But to my knowledge nothing has come, and frankly I was wondering why. However, today I had a client stop by the office to talk about projects and while he was waiting for me to get off the telephone conversation I was on, he ( my client ) started leafing through a copy of the Book of Mormon (large print edition) that I had lying around the office on a spare board room table that I have. He was just passing the time until I was free and able to meet with him. This was all done out of my field of view and unbenounced to me. My phone call was longer than I expected and he got a chance to read quite a bit of the Book of Mormon. Upon closing my phone call I turned around to see him kind of cradling this large print copy of the book of Mormon , and before I could say a word he said “Where can I go to get my own copy of this “Book of Mormon”? to which I responded , will you read the whole Book ….his response was YES . I said well then, in that case you can have this copy for free under one condition……..That you read it and ponder and pray about some highlighted points I will point out to you, and that if you ever stop reading it or no longer have an interest in it, that you bring it back to me so that I can pass it on to some else that may be interested, just like yourself. He promised that he would. The offered to pay me $50.00 for it, but I refused saying the monetary value in of the book is worth about that much, but the spiritual value is priceless, that is why I want it returned if ever his interest should wane in this book.
    This particular client I have known for about 1 ½ – 2 yrs but we have never ever yet got a paying job from him, yet he always comes by and has potential projects, that never seem to come to fruition. I have often asked myself why is this guy here. On another previous occasion I saw him intently reading “ The Family A proclamation to the World” which was conveniently hanging in a prominent position on my office wall. On a previous occasion he (this same client ) had asked me where that came from and who wrote it. All of a sudden an light bulb came on as if a switch had been turned on and I came to realise in an instant that this was my missionary opportunity and this was someone I could share the Gospel with. All of a sudden in the milli-second of time it took to process all this, I came to realization that “this was my missionary opportunity” that has been staring me in the face for the past 1 ½ – 2 yrs and I had been blind to the passive and blatant maneuvers to get my attention regarding , the church and missionary work. What a humbling moment as I thought back in retrospect. This opportunity had been staring me in the face for so long and I had been absent mindedly bumbling along wondering why missionary opportunities were not coming my way.
    He said you know I am one that does not go to sleep real easy,……. Every evening I have to read for a couple of hours before I can go to sleep. I don’t watch TV so I read a lot I will read this whole book in very short order. Funny think eh ? I know that the spirit of the Lord will work mightily on him and the rest will be easy . I highlighted Alma 32 & King Benjamin’s talk in Mosiah and Moroni’s promise as well as the complete introduction with all the witness’s testimonies. I know he will be back, and after a few more sleepless nights, and wanting to know what to do next.
    Isn’t missionary work great ? I am lifted and inspired by this experience. I also recognise that I was the weak link in this whole process and promise to do better next time.
    What a lesson for me in this. Sometimes I am so distracted, by my day to day routine that I fail to see the opportunities right in front of me. What kind, and loving, and most of all patient, Heavenly Father we have, that sits back and waits until our eyes are opened enough that we can see, what is right in front of us.
    Thank you, thank you, thanks you, Heavenly Father
    Hope you have as great a week as I am
    and may Heavenly Father’s spirit continue to be powerful with you as you continue to move mountains with your faith Elder Winkler
    Love always
    Uncle Rod

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