Missionary Diary: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,….

Monday:  We had p-day.  Went tracking, nothing really there, but a lot of personal revelation happened in personal study time.

Tuesday:  We stopped by a potential and we got him as a new investigator.  Mr. A. is a really nice guy.  He said he is coming to church…

Wednesday:  Had District Meeting with all the missionaries.  It was really good.  We went over just always try to get where you need to go as fast as you can and you will have more success.

Thursday:  We did our weekly planning.  It took a lot of time as usual.  We also made  many calls to set up appointments with the members.  This time they said they were too busy, but we are getting better at it.

Friday:  We went to the sister’s area to stop by some of the potentials that they gave us.  Turns out they were actually not interested.

Saturday:  I was on exchanges with Elder L.  It was awesome!  We got a new investigator.  His name is M.  He is a great guy.  Really interested in a living prophet…

Sunday:  Had the Sabbath.  I love renewing my covenants!  We had an appointment at 2:00 pm with a guy.  We went by and he slammed the door on my companion.  My companion and I knew there was a new investigator in the area and we knew his exact name.  The miracle was we found him.  He was so open to learning Christ’s plan for him.  I love how the Lord humbles us then blesses us just like The Book of Mormon teaches.  That was my whole week….Love, Elder Winkler

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