Lots of our people came to Church…Do I roll my eyes?..Love The Doctrine and Covenants…Companion sick.

Last Monday we got a referral from some members then went by to visit them.  On Tuesday Elder T.

got sicker than a dog.  I got to do a lot of studying in the Doctrine and Covenants and I learned how much I love that book.  Later that day we met with J.B. and organized some of the things regarding his upcoming baptism. On the Wednesday we had Missionary Zone meeting.  My companion was still feeling pretty bad, so that was his day and mostly I studied and marked my scriptures.  When Thursday arrived, he was feeling better and we finished weekly planning in 4.5 hours.  That was an awesome short time!  We did lots of calls and setting up of appointments for the next week.  CFT time was good.  We found a new person to teach.  We met with a member family and they rolled their eyes as we shared a message regarding missionary work.  I wonder how often I have done that same thing?  It ended up that we came up with a new idea to work with them on.

On the Friday we were on the bus sooo much!  But we were able to meet with many persons we had met with before.  One of them that was “less active” said he would come back to church and he did!  Yeah!

On the Saturday we had a member present lesson with a part member “W” family.  We played ball with their son and read a little bit of Enos together.  We committed him to come to church and he came too!  On Sunday it made for the best day because “J” came with all his family and stayed for the whole three hours.  Amazingly wonderful!

 Later that day we had a missionary lesson with a great member family, the S—–, they helped us with something that we really needed to work on as a companionship.  So grateful for them!   That was my week as a full time missionary.  What did you do?  Hey, I’m grateful for the emails and letters and stuff.   Thank you.  Elder Winkler 

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2 Responses to Lots of our people came to Church…Do I roll my eyes?..Love The Doctrine and Covenants…Companion sick.

  1. Cheryl Mathieson says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful week! Congratulations! I’m glad your companion didn’t stay sick too long. It’s so difficult to be healthy and be stuck in the apartment.

  2. Irene Gilchrist says:

    Awesome!! Keep it up:) You are such a good example for us to follow.

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