Apostle D. Todd Christofferson…”Broken” Companions…Boy Scout Party…Armour of Christ…Packed my bags.

I’m sorry for not emailing much information.  I am better if you ask me a question, then I will answer with all my heart.  Tell Brother and Sister Mathieson I am really happy about their mission call.  That sounds great!  

The Apostle, Elder D. Todd Christofferson (pictured above) is coming to our area.  On Monday we printed off a bunch of talks by him, to prepare for his visit.  We bought our groceries and had fun.  We also found a new investigator when we were tracting on the Reservation.  On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder L—— to West Vancouver and it was good.  He is really open with people and has patience with them.  This Elder L—— has messed up his leg so we weren’t able to do much, but we still were meeting with lots of people.

Wednesday was our District Meeting.  We focused on how to be a successful missionary, then we went to some referrals from other missionaries that were in the “Area Book.”  We had a meeting with the L—— family.  They had a really cool non-member there and he came to church on Sunday which was great!  Thursday we did our weekly planning.  It seems like it is getting better  and more effective every time we do it.  Elder T—– has taught me how to do it that way.  This is the day we found a part-member family here working with a former investigator and that seems pretty solid.  My companion, Elder T—– was having a hard day on Friday.  He was pretty sick so we took it easy.  We had a member present lesson with a part-member family and got a baptismal date set with him.

Saturday we helped out at the Boy Scout Party and Elder L—- told me he placed a Book of Mormon with a lady and set up a return appointment there to meet with with her at a member family home.  BUT, they ambushed us with food, and there were about 20 non-members there all speaking a different language.  It was all good.  This was when my district leader, Elder L—- told me we would become companions for a week or two because our companions were both “broken” and we needed to let them rest and recover.  I packed my bags for the temporary move.

Sunday, “the Sabbath” was good.  We had the opportunities to visit lots of less actives and former members.  When we were with one family one of their children shared a message on fortifying ourselves with the Armour of Christ, just like in the Book of Mormon when they fortified the City of Noah and how it related to Helamen 5:12.


We have had a recent convert with N—- S——, she is really looking forward to, and preparing to go to the temple and she would want me to come at that special time. 

  Yeh, in answer to your questions, we don’t know what is happening with J.B.  He told us he cannot get baptized yet as his aunt just passed away.  It seems like he has lost his faith a little bit.  He may lose his job too because with challenges with his car he can’t get to work on time…His baptism date may be postponed…  C—- is Muslim.  He is reading his Book of Mormon in Persian and we are meeting with him again.  A—– forgot about his last appointment to meet with us at the church, and we are looking forward to meeting with him again.  As for E.B., his councilor says he doesn’t want to meet with us any more…We shall see.  Hopefully this has answered all your questions.  It is time to go.  I don’t have much time on the computer.   Thank you for your prayers and thank you for all the up-dates regarding the Olympics too!  Elder Winkler 

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2 Responses to Apostle D. Todd Christofferson…”Broken” Companions…Boy Scout Party…Armour of Christ…Packed my bags.

  1. Cheryl Mathieson says:

    Sorry to hear your companion is sick how fortunate that you can work with the other elder while your companions rest! Hopefully you’re able to work with both companionship’s people!

  2. Frank Hickey & Family says:

    We are all expecting to learn of your early recovery and that you are moving forward in high gear!

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