“Keeping my Stick on The Ice,”…Sacredness of The Temple…Loves Reading The Book of Mormon…

I have learned that I hardly have any time to write people and I’m really not good with all that.  It is hard, but I write to family every week.  I am sorry for my mistakes, of not writing lots.  Some persons have those gifts.  Not me.

My companion, Elder T—– thinks it is so cool that I have a missionary blog.  His health is doing better, but there are a number of sick missionaries of late in our mission.    My companion thinks everyone in Calgary must do cool stuff like blogs etc. as missionaries….Now, about our people here.  A—– really loves reading the Book of Mormon, but he works on Sundays so doesn’t come to Church much.

There are no Philipino speaking missionaries in the Canada Vancouver Mission.   The G—— Family are not at home when we go by of late.  We shall catch them there soon.  We will just keep showing up.   The L—— family is coming to church every week.  Thank you for praying for us regarding these and the other people and  families.

Yes, that is true about the sacredness of the temple.  We need to hold those things close in our heart and not speak of them except in those Holy Places.  We have the Canada Vancouver Temple President in our Ward at Church here and he spoke with us about what was appropriate for a person to speak about regarding the Holy Temple.   Sorry about my writing  skills.  (I am keeping my stick on the ice.)  Thanks to all from Elder Winkler

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2 Responses to “Keeping my Stick on The Ice,”…Sacredness of The Temple…Loves Reading The Book of Mormon…

  1. Sister Mathieson says:

    Elder Winkler, I don’t think you need to apologize about your writing. Even some prophets have struggled with their ability to communicate.
    I feel I’ve been able to see how the Lord’s work is progressing by reading your weekly blog.
    Thank you!

  2. Kim Tyers says:

    What better way to practice writing skills than to contribute to a blog. Keep up the good work in the field, Elder Winkler!

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