There is a Feeling when I read That Book…Have I Felt the Love of The Savior today?..Eye Singled on the Work of Sharing the Gospel…

One of the blessings that Elder O’—– and I had this week was when we were teaching this guy.  He was so happy to see us and the Book of Mormon!  He said, “There is a feeling when I read that book!  You are right Elder, and your Church and I can see that you are Christian.”  He said about reading the first three chapters of Nephi, “Lehi is a great man for leading his family out of Jerusalem.”  

He asked, “What does one need to do to become a member of your church?”  He asked us about the commandments.  We taught him about the law of chastity, and the Word of Wisdom.  He said, “I am living most of that except one thing.”  We encouraged him to daily read the Book of Mormon and he would be able to live it all.  We spoke of General Conference and he said he would love to come.  We testified that he would be able to know of the truthfulness of the gospel for himself. 

I love the Lord for making me humble so I might be able to teach people like that.  To always remember, “Have you/I felt the love of the Savior today?”

Elder French who is my cousin, is also my District Leader and we got to exchange companions this week.  We did good together!  My normal missionary companion is from Cambridge, Ontario.  We two are about the same size.  We got to meet with our wonderful girl who is going to be baptized at General Conference next weekend.  We have met some of our friends from Calgary here and they were telling us funny stories about when they baby sat me when I was young.  I am striving to keep my eye singled on the work of sharing the Gospel but,

Photo: What a great man - George Potrie

 I will tell the Salmon Arm Missionaries to say Happy 94th Birthday to Grandpa from me.  Elder Winkler

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