Much Love and Respect…Live with Greater Faith…Preparation for Life…Raising the Bar With Our Goals…

First thing this last week we went tracting in this trailer park and found a new person to teach.  Dad, you are a genius, yes, always do it by the Spirit!   I have learned a lot from my last companions and will continue to learn more here in Kamloops.  A mission really prepares us for life, helps us understand the scriptures, and makes the scriptures more applicable to us.  


The Prophet Abinidi said that this is, “a type and a shadow of things to come,” so if we live with greater faith we will receive the greater reward in His kingdom.  So we go seeking greater faith.  The next appointment we had fell through so we went looking and  found an awesome lady, and then another one.  This lady, T—– said she was fine with NOT being baptized, but she would read the scriptures.  Success!  This same day the Assistant to the Mission President called wanting to go on exchanges with us.  We set a goal to find 16 new people that day.  We didn’t hit that but we hit 12, which was awesome!  From that we set FIVE dates!  We had lots of fun and learned much to apply to the work!

It was Thursday when we had our planning meeting with the Assistant helping us with that planning.  Then we went to see A—— to make sure we were still good for her baptism.  We met with W—- also regarding her baptismal date.  She was so happy to have us teach her about Jesus Christ and wondered how everyone could have a Book of Mormon.  We just laughed it was so awesome!

We got to go to all the sessions of General Conference on Saturday and Sunday.  We had one of our appointments Saturday fail but, it worked out well because we found a new person to teach!  Sunday we headed to the Church early to fill the baptismal font.  There were so many people there we had to move the baptism to the chapel.  There was such a special spirit to it.  A person cannot describe with words!  I loved it!  With much love and respect from Elder Winkler

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One Response to Much Love and Respect…Live with Greater Faith…Preparation for Life…Raising the Bar With Our Goals…

  1. Sister Mathieson says:

    Congratulations! It sounds like the work is progressing! I’m so happy that you and your companion are living in such a way as to be able to bless lives with the gospel message!
    I hope that you will continue to read the scriptures and peruse your journal after the mission. If you do this you will stay close to the spirit..

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