Field is Ripe and Ready for Harvest…Kamloops Lamanites…They Were Wanting our Help…

Thank you.  I got the package from home!  Last Monday we worked really hard to find new investigators and it was good.  On Tuesday, we worked with a less-active early in the morning and she said he would be coming to church.  Success!  Then we went off to talk with the Lamanites.  Many of them let us in and they really liked the message that we shared with them.  

We had some lessons in the morning Wednesday but they fell through, but the appointments later in the day went well.  On Thursday we met with a man who didn’t want to meet with us any more.  He didn’t want to read etc. so off we went to help some investigators who were wanting our help to move.

Later still we met with a man who is part way along to baptism he says…On Friday we met with a member referral that has turned into an investigator.   He is in the Hospital right now so it is a bit of a challenge meeting with him.

We had our weekly planning and on Saturday we found FOUR New investigators within like TEN houses of each other.  It was great!!

President Henry B. Eyring (of the first Presidency of the Church)

We had a great Canadian National Conference and we had two investigators there.  It was awesome that Elder Holland said that for forever one needed to get baptized.  What was said was great for the investigators that were there.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Our one lady there on Sunday has been reading The Book of Mormon and loved church and I loved that comment by Elder Holland.  We are meeting with her again on Tuesday!  We are working hard!   Elder Winkler

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