Serving the Lord…”I Feel the Spirit in my Knees”…I Respect Older People and the Good They Teach.

Elder Clifton Winkler 2013+2014 302The biggest blessing that we did receive this week (even though all of them are blessings) is that we were out finding in our area and we knocked on this lady’s door.  We set up a time to meet at the church and it was super cool cause she was already meeting with the sister missionaries in the other ward.  We had to bring a male person with us.  The only man who could come with us was a less active man named H——.  

Elder Clifton Winkler 2013+2014 438

So…when we were teaching her there, she told us that she had a baptismal date set for June 28th and that the spirit was so strong she said, “I can feel the Spirit in my knees.”  I said to her, “If you are full of faith you will be able to feel that all the time on June 29th.”   (She is receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost that day too.)  The beautiful thing is our less active man we were with said, “I just feel so good right now and I have only felt this good when I was baptized.”  He was awesome to be there AND he had a confirming witness that the Church is true.  I am grateful to be a missionary and listen to a prophet’s voice.


I respect older people and the good they teach us.  Another person we are teaching has been to church 12 times and it blows my mind that she is not baptized yet.   Another person is a 18 year old boy that we taught the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom at our first meeting and he loved it!  He is not baptized yet either…Another faithful lady is studying through the gospel library app. because her husband will not let any book talking about God in their home.  Her husband just believes in Satan.   

Elder Clifton Winkler 2013+2014 264

It is a blessing to be serving the Lord full-time as His servant, doing what He wants me to do.  Elder Winkler

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2 Responses to Serving the Lord…”I Feel the Spirit in my Knees”…I Respect Older People and the Good They Teach.

  1. Dan says:

    Great job Clifton your are one amazing missionary

  2. Cheryl says:

    The Lord works in mysterious ways! I hope the less-active man who came with you to the discussion will start coming to church again!
    How difficult it must be to live with someone who believes in Satan but not God or the Saviour!? My heart goes out to this sweet sister who is trying to learn about the true church!!!
    Keep up the good work!

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