“See you in 60 days”…Challenged to find 25 new investigators…Canada Day

We found many new people this week.  We were on exchanges with the Elders Quorum one day and taught a lot of lessons.  We were on exchanges another day with Elder B—– and we found seven more.  We had found two on Monday (preparation day).  Our District Leader had challenged us to find 25 new investigators for this week.  We found two to seven new inquiring about the church people every day.  Some of them are super awesome and seem to be truly seeking, and wanting their family to hear our message too.  Working really hard!   We met with one man who seemed to be just wanting to bash

about The Book of Mormon.  He said he could write a book like that.  I said, “We’ll be back in 60 days to read it.”  Guess I need to repent, right?  No mere man could have written that book…AND in 60 days!  Sunday we found three more and all these people are super solid it seems.

Elder Clifton Winkler 2013+2014 129

We had two of those people at church on Sunday.  J—– was one of the ones who came to church.  One of his friends is a member of the Kamloops Ward.  He loved the lesson about the priesthood, (what it is and how to use it).

We hear that if you give it like three weeks it is going to be super dry and hot.  It will make finding really hard but fun.  It  is going to be awesome!  That is our week!  Elder Winkler

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2 Responses to “See you in 60 days”…Challenged to find 25 new investigators…Canada Day

  1. Cheryl says:

    It’s good to hear that so many people in your area seem to be preparing for the gospel. Exciting!
    I got a good laugh from your comment about returning in 60 days! Who knows, maybe your comment will act as a challenge that might bring him to search the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

  2. rod says:

    Dear Elder Clifton Winkler
    Way to go to challenge ( in a loving way ) him to write a book like the B of M in 60 days. I don’t think any non-inspired person could write a 531 page book that spans a 1000 years of time that is factually sound and historically correct about a people that existed 2614 – 1614 years ago. Not to even to mention two other complete peoples the Jaredites and the Amulecites who were present during a completely different time frame. In his heart he has to know that what you are speaking about “IS THE TRUTH” and just like Korihor, if he doesn’t already know, he will soon come to know the truthfulness of your words. Keep up the strong and steadfast testimony bearing of the truth and blessed will be your name throughout the ages.

    Love Uncle Rod Auntie Susan and Family

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