Invited her to be baptised…Testify of the Prophet Joseph Smith…The Spirit was there so Powerful.

Thank you for praying for our investiGATORS every night.  I got your email about that.  One of the greatest blessings this week was when we went on splits with the Kamloops Elder’s Quorum.  We went to this super sick lady’s home.  She has four boys all older than eight.   When they realized that we were not from some other church, they invited us to come back at another time.  Upon our return, we both testified of the prophet, Joseph Smith and the priesthood authority being restored.

  We quoted Joseph Smith’s first vision and she said she saw/felt Heavenly persons testifing of what we were teaching that moment.  We invited her to follow the Savior and be baptised.  She said, “I will and

I want my boys to be baptised too.”   The spirit was there so powerful.   We also had the baptism for J—— F—–.  The day was just perfect.  There were twenty persons at the baptism and ten of them were not members.   When she came out of the water, she was the most incredibly happy person I have ever seen.  

Now she has the Holy Ghost and became a member of His church.  The gospel is true and that spirit is so powerful and influencing our lives…..Remember to ask questions of Heavenly Father when we pray and wait for His answers.  We are striving to teach this to one of our great investigators.  He prays, but forgets to ask for Father’s help or inspiration about what is truth.  Great people are reading, pondering, praying and coming to church here in Kamloops and inquiring about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know the gospel is true.   Working hard each day, grateful to serve the Lord and these wonderful Kamloops people.   —Elder Winkler

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One Response to Invited her to be baptised…Testify of the Prophet Joseph Smith…The Spirit was there so Powerful.

  1. rod says:

    Dear Elder Winkler
    wow that sounds like such a beautiful and powerful experience all at the same time. I can just sense the love you must feel for that family and the miraculous manner in which you were led to and assisted this family in becoming members of the Lord’s church. how inspiring.

    have a great week
    love Uncle Rod and Auntie Susan and Family

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