Down to one cigarette a day…I realised They had been called of God too…It just felt right…You are doing awesome…

Yes, the sister missionaries had found her, but she was in our area and so we continued teaching her.  It was a wonderful baptism.  N——– is also doing good.  She was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, now she is down to just one cigarette a day.  Her and the boys are coming to church.  The boys all loved church.  Everyone is in their own progression level of the people we are teaching.  

We had an opportunity to meet with our new Mission President and his wife.  It was great.  We had a great meeting with them and we worked on the things that we need to do to push the work forward in Kamloops.  He gave us a commitment for everyone to baptize every month, which is no small task.  When I saw them, I was thinking about what was he going to do for the Canada Vancouver Mission.  President Tilleman “done” so much.

 Then when I saw them both come through the chapel doors and I realized that they had been called of God and it just felt right.  

Elder Clifton Winkler 2013+2014 163

We met with N——-and her boys.  We sat down and taught them lesson three (gospel of Jesus Christ).  Those boys are really sharp and looking forward to being baptised.  Oh ya, we invited them to get baptised on August 16th.  The boys at first seemed scared, but they came to church and loved it.  Now they really look forward to church and their baptism.  

That is awesome about the geneology being done on Family Search.  You are doing awesome.  Elder Winkler 

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One Response to Down to one cigarette a day…I realised They had been called of God too…It just felt right…You are doing awesome…

  1. rod says:

    Dear Elder Winkler

    you are doing so well and serving with such valour it is good to see…….. congratulations. We pray daily for your support protection and ongoing success. I am glad you have such a great mother and father who taught you so well . Clifton you must be grateful for that always . you truly are blessed. remember to always work like everything depended on you and pray like everything depended on the Lord and in both cases is it always TRUE. don’t let it go to your head but we are Sooooooooo……… proud of you !!!!!
    With love
    Uncle Rod and Auntie Susan and family

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