Two Big Miracles…Another cousin in our mission (4 of us now)…Uncle Randy…Training days.

Two big miracles this week!   One of our former investigators called and said, “What is up with those gold plates, where are they, and what about the testimony of the eight and three witnesses?”  He said he had read all of the book of third Nephi and he asked if we could come back cause he had lots of questions and it is hard to get the answers over the phone.  We are going to see him at eight today.  It is going to be good.

Uncle Randy in the Salmon Arm Ward

Yes, that is right, our other cousin, Elder Ockey is serving in the Salmon Arm Ward where Uncle Randy is the Ward Mission leader!  This week we got a phone call from the assistant to the mission president. He said I was to be training now so we packed up and drove the car to Richmond B.C.  When we left Kamloops the rains poured down and made the mud slide, so we missed that because we were away.  We got to transfer meeting and I was excited and scared too.  President Burt called me up and said, “You will be training Elder K—-, he is really cool and he is this really big singer guy, and he is really excited about the work.”  Elder K—- is from Lehi, Utah, fresh from the Mission Training Center and a really great guy.

Thank you for your email about, “…the strength of the spirit felt had to do also with the young men and their personal preparation.”  I felt the spirit really strong when I read it.   I cannot believe how long I have been out.  It seems to me that I have been out only for a couple of weeks.  It is so good in Kamloops and we have a family we are working with, and their son may be getting baptized on August 16 so that is something really great in their lives.  Please pray for them I am sending you their names today.

Elder Clifton Winkler 2013+2014 387

Another great ward family

We are getting to teach more and we are preparing many to be baptized and it has been good.  We have so much help from the members here and that makes the big difference.  Everybody working together.  I will do better at helping others.  We are finding new people too.  Elder Winkler

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