Pass along card…”It takes a whole village”…Someone there to answer the phone…Change her life around and find Christ.

We had a great week with a Mission headquarters referral that we got on our phone.  It was cool because she requested us.  Her mom lives in a trailer park and we find her and left a pass-along (finding faith in Christ) card.

She took it home and called the phone number on it.  The lady who answered the phone, a Sister Faust taught her the restoration and she got super excited.  We got the referral on Monday and contacted her on Thursday.  Her name is T______ and she is way cool.

Elder OBrien + Elder Winkler

Great Musical Companion and I

Thursday the discussion revolved around her many years of addiction to substances and how she wants to change her life around and find Christ.  We spoke about her conversion and baptism.  

Our great guy from last week has headed for work to the lower mainland.  He wants to meet up with us as soon as he gets back.  Others we are working with are striving to get over the smoking or common-law marriage, or upset with member friend challenges.  Some are just out of town.  All are progressing, some of them slower than others.  It is important helping new persons  choosing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Everyone is part of the support group.  “It takes a whole village” to keep us on the gospel path.

 I want to serve a mission and put all my time into it, not make a video about it.  Would you tell Brother Ernesto A. in Calgary?  Sorry about that.   I am so blessed being a missionary.-Elder Winkler

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