80 Strong…Miracle named J…Rio Tinto Alcan…What do you think…extending my mission?..West Jet.

The Kitimat Branch is very small, like 40 people and like 80% are kids.  Kitimat is a very beautiful place and people are really nice here.  Weather is so much like Calgary (all over the place).  At the beginning of the day it could be raining really hard and then like two hours later it is sun shining, and then back to raining hard once again.  

The Branch President works for Rio Tinto Alcan (they mine aluminum).  He is a good guy.

To answer your question, we missionaries flew up here on West Jet.  

There was such a miracle, me and my companion for the day, his name was Elder K——-,  we were knocking on some doors this week.  We ran into this lady named J———-, she has been looking to go forward spiritually and wanted to get back on track.  We are meeting with her again this Saturday and we’ll see what she thinks of the pamphlet and the website too.


Dad, I have a question for you (just don’t tell mom or sister).   What do you think of me extending my mission?  Love, Elder Winkler 

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