Miracles this week…Wonderful Christmas Message…Overcome the Effect of Sin

One of the miracles that happened this week was that President Burt committed us to find a family to teach and get baptized this month so we were out knocking on doors and talked with this lady that was outside of her car.  Her name was K—-.  As we walked up to her she asked, “Are you church people?”  We said, “Yes.”  She told us that she thinks God is punishing her because she hasn’t been to church in a long time and has some addiction challenges.  We told her, “We are sharing a wonderful Christmas message that that can help us to be able to overcome the effect of sin.”   She was all over it.  It was sweet!  She gave us her name and phone number.  We are going to meet up with her mom and family and her this Tuesday.  It was amazing.  As we were walking away she said, “My day just got better meeting you missionaries.”

We found the first house we knocked into on Sunday and he said he had met with the missionaries before and he really wanted to come unto Christ this Christmas season and help out people and help his family get out of this rut they were in.  he said as we were leaving that he really wanted for us to see his family when we come over again.  He has a little boy that is seven years old.  Love, Elder Winkler

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One Response to Miracles this week…Wonderful Christmas Message…Overcome the Effect of Sin

  1. Sister Mathieson says:

    What a marvellous gift to you and those you’ve met! Merry Christmas!

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