Guided Safely Home…Skyping…Living following the Savior…Free from Worldly Ways…A living Prophet in these latter days.

Skyping Christmas Day was cool.  I loved seeing Grandpa.  he is so cool and funny and just really helpful for his testimony. 

R– is doing well and really wants to be baptized.  He is still having  a hard time overcoming his addiction.  We call him every day and just talk him through it.  He loves The Book of Mormon and the idea of having a living prophet upon the earth today. 

We got to teach a lesson on modern day prophets and we watched the last General Conference talk called, “Guided Safely Home.”

He loved it!  He said he really felt like the ship in the story and he needed a path.  We also taught A—- about the Word of Wisdom.

She said she really needs to get rid of her addictions and prepare for her baptism on January 24/15.  She is looking forward to the entering in at the gate and onto the path…

We testified that we know that the doctrine of Christ is true because we live it every day of our lives and we just want everyone to partake of salvation and follow in His path.  Love, Elder Winkler

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