He read all of it!..”Yes, I would love to be baptised”…HUGE blessings from the Lord…”You are so young to have this authority.”

HUGE blessing from the Lord!  We parked the car all day and went “finding” people to share a message of the restoration and see if anyone wanted to be baptized.  We stopped to have lunch at a Subway and there was this lady that had talked with us before.  She was wondering if we could get her a taxi number and while she waited for her ride we talked to her.  We asked her, “Have you ever heard of baptism before?”  She said, “Yes, but I have never done it.” 

We showed the picture in The Book of Mormon of the people getting baptized in the waters of Mormon.  She said, “Yes, I would love to be baptized.”  It was cool.   Then her taxi came and we got her background information and number.  She said, “Just give me a call.”

The next door we knocked into was this man named R—-.  He said he had run into members before.   (One of his friends up in Williams Lake.)  We said, “Sure, we can come in and share a message of Christ with you.”  We asked him if he had ever heard or read from The Book of Mormon.  He was Catholic he said but yes he had heard of it from his Williams Lake friend.  We asked if we could read from Third Nephi and my companion started on verse one and just kept on reading.  HE READ ALL OF IT. 


Then he asked about authority.  We told him every worthy, able young man can hold the priesthood.  He said, “You have it  now?  You are so young to have this authority.” 

Then we talked about how baptism is the gate to eternal salvation and he read the intro and Moroni chapter 10.  He said, “I will have to read this from cover to cover.  This is an amazing book .  Can I have it?”  Yes, we said, “Yes.”  We called him today and he has read quite a bit of it.  The spirit was so strong for the whole lesson.  We are so looking forward to meeting up with him.  He lives with his daughter who is a member of another church and he is searching for truth.  He was really open with us. —– Elder Winkler

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