“Because My Father Read The Book Of Mormon”…working hard to overcome addiction…”Change Up”

R—- is still working hard to overcome addiction in preparation for his baptism February 28th.  We got to teach J—— yesterday and he is doing good.  He asked, “What are the benefits of being Mormon?”  We said that one could be baptized the same way Christ was baptized and enter into the path that leads to eternal life.  He doesn’t understand the importance of The Book of Mormon.  We read Alma 32 with him.


He started talking about Adam and Eve and the importance of partaking of the fruit.  We haven’t talked with him about The Plan of Salvation yet. 


We said, “J—–, you are pretty much a member of The Church of Jesus Christ already.  You believe in the doctrine.”  Then I shared with him a quote from one of my favorite talks called, “Because my Father read the Book of Mormon.”


When we know that The Book of Mormon is true, we know that Joseph Smith was called by God to restore the Church of Jesus Christ to the earth.  We know that Joseph Smith saw the Father and the Son.  We know that there is only one faith and one valid baptism.  We know that a prophet of God lives on the earth today and that he has all the keys of the priesthood and the right to exercise them, as Peter did anciently.  You know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the only name whereby we can receive salvation.  We know that God the Father lives and that He loves us.  We know that His Plan of Salvation is perfect, and we have the desire to perform ordinances, live the commandments and endure to the end.


Mission President said that I may be getting a “change up” on my companions.  They are both good companions and Elder S—— is so funny.  Elder Winkler

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2 Responses to “Because My Father Read The Book Of Mormon”…working hard to overcome addiction…”Change Up”

  1. Frank and Lynne Hickey says:

    Dear Mr. Winkler!
    We are all fortunate that your parents love you and your whole family. You are an excellent testament to their good work!!

  2. rod says:

    Dear Elder Clifton Winkler Please continue on the path that you have chosen to follow, and you will not be blessed all your days . Love Uncle Rod, Susan and family

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