Inspired Finding…Church Every Week…Baby Blessed…Committed to my Faith

No there are no baptismal dates set but maybe tonight there will be one.  We are going to watch the hour long, “Prophet of the Restoration” with “him.”  He may say yes.  He has been to church every week and his baby was blessed last week.

We were out doing some inspired finding on exchanges.  I was with Elder Tan and we stopped by this farmers home.  He was not there so we went around knocking on doors in the area and we came across this M—— guy.  He LOVES the Holy Bible.  He let us in and we spoke with him for one hour and he was super interested, without even noticing it asking questions about the true nature of God and Jesus Christ.

I love it that when most people have a concern most of the time it can be resolved with The Articles of Faith.  That is what we spoke with M—— about.  He really wanted to know about The Book of Mormon and was happy to get one.  Cool thing is years ago he bought one and lost it.  They said, “We are committed to our faith but would you follow up with us in a couple of weeks?”  Common response.  We shall see…


I just have one companion now.  We have been having a lot of fun.   Elder Winkler

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