“We can help with that!”…Influence for Good…Working together as a unit…Birthday Sushi

Yes, we have two baptismal dates set.  L—- is very cool.  He got into an accident when he was in his 20’s and is now in a wheelchair.  He is searching for truth about God and the purpose of life.  The other person is a lady named A——-.  She is awesome, striving to overcome her addictions, really wants to start a new life and feel the love of the Savior.   We said, “We can help with that.”

Jarom w/ Jordan Crowell from Palmyra EFY

Elder Crowell finished his Canada Vancouver Mission this week.  He was a solid missionary and I look forward to hooking up with him again back in Calgary later this year.   He has been a real influence for good here in this mission.  My companion and I are working together as a unit and bringing the Spirit where we go.  

We had a wonderful family take us out for sushi for my birthday this week.  The best!  Thank you.  Elder Winkler

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One Response to “We can help with that!”…Influence for Good…Working together as a unit…Birthday Sushi

  1. Rodney Potrie says:

    dear elder Clifton Winkler

    It is so nice to hear that you are having yet another baptism. Truly i hope you realize from whence these wonderful blessings come. You must be very inspired to actually run into people like these special spirits that Heavenly Father has entrusted with only you and your companion. you also must be living so close to the promptings of the spirit to be able to glean such wonderful eternal rewards. keep up the great work and you’ll continue to be blessed even more? all our love and support for your uncle Rod auntie Susan and family.

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