Very hard, Very rewarding…Collected a lot of “No” answers…Lead people to Christ…

It has been a very hard week and very rewarding too.  All of missionary work is to help people, and especially to help people build their faith in the Savior.

This scripture in Mosiah 27:25-26 reminds me that we all can become “new creatures” in Christ Jesus.  I have collected a lot of “No” answers on my mission.  I  have seen many others seek and gain that desire and then the Lord opens up that window as taught in 1Nephi 13:35-40. 

The Lord cares for us His children that is why he invites us to be repent and come unto Him.  Anyway, the greatest redemptive work is to bring people to Christ.  I love being a missionary.

John 20:3–18, Mary Magdalene speaks with the resurrected Christ

My companion and I are doing good.  All is well.  Elder Winkler

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“We can help with that!”…Influence for Good…Working together as a unit…Birthday Sushi

Yes, we have two baptismal dates set.  L—- is very cool.  He got into an accident when he was in his 20’s and is now in a wheelchair.  He is searching for truth about God and the purpose of life.  The other person is a lady named A——-.  She is awesome, striving to overcome her addictions, really wants to start a new life and feel the love of the Savior.   We said, “We can help with that.”

Jarom w/ Jordan Crowell from Palmyra EFY

Elder Crowell finished his Canada Vancouver Mission this week.  He was a solid missionary and I look forward to hooking up with him again back in Calgary later this year.   He has been a real influence for good here in this mission.  My companion and I are working together as a unit and bringing the Spirit where we go.  

We had a wonderful family take us out for sushi for my birthday this week.  The best!  Thank you.  Elder Winkler

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Just so prepared by the Lord…Reading The Book of Mormon…Doing good every day.

We are teaching humble G—– M—— and all is going well with those other people.  We had some inspired finding while we were out Fort Langley.  It was pretty sweet.  We found this super cool guy living in a basement suite.  He has no mobility in his legs.  He is studying about religion in his class and he is open to reading The Book of Mormon. 

He wants us to come back so that is happening this week.  We had a baptism this week in the other Ward here in Langley.  It was super good.  He is from Ghana, Africa and just so prepared by the Lord.  I have never seen someone so happy after a baptism.  I got to interview him for baptism which was special too.

We are doing good, having fun, and praying for them every day.  Elder Winkler

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Inspired Finding…Church Every Week…Baby Blessed…Committed to my Faith

No there are no baptismal dates set but maybe tonight there will be one.  We are going to watch the hour long, “Prophet of the Restoration” with “him.”  He may say yes.  He has been to church every week and his baby was blessed last week.

We were out doing some inspired finding on exchanges.  I was with Elder Tan and we stopped by this farmers home.  He was not there so we went around knocking on doors in the area and we came across this M—— guy.  He LOVES the Holy Bible.  He let us in and we spoke with him for one hour and he was super interested, without even noticing it asking questions about the true nature of God and Jesus Christ.

I love it that when most people have a concern most of the time it can be resolved with The Articles of Faith.  That is what we spoke with M—— about.  He really wanted to know about The Book of Mormon and was happy to get one.  Cool thing is years ago he bought one and lost it.  They said, “We are committed to our faith but would you follow up with us in a couple of weeks?”  Common response.  We shall see…


I just have one companion now.  We have been having a lot of fun.   Elder Winkler

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Snow only twice…Calgary Temple together…New Companion

Hey Sister, hope you buy a place in the North West of Calgary so we can go to the Calgary Temple together. 

I have only seen snow twice on my mission.  In the lower mainland it is mainly rainy and sunny.  This week I got a new companion.  He is Elder M—-.  We are having a fun time together.  That is it for this week.  Elder Winkler

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Prayed that we may be spotless at the last day in giving it our all for this man

There are no baptismal dates set.  Persons working on overcoming addictions and knowing for themselves.  We are working with them.  We got to teach S—— yesterday and he is having a hard time understanding the scriptures.  We assured him if he would keep up the reading he would be able to find out for himself.  That the Holy Ghost will testify of truth.  He is super stressed right now but he loves it when we come over. 

We were knocking on doors yesterday and found this guy that has read The Book of Mormon, and The pearl of great price and he said to us that he is a member of the church already.  We asked him if he has been baptized and he said, “No.”  He let us in and he told us, “I will go to my grave  without being baptized.”  We testified of the Savior and that baptism is the gate.  Thinking of Jacob 1:19 we taught and testified as we could and prayed that we may be spotless at the last day in giving it our all for this man. 

Love, Elder Winkler 

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Treasure in Heaven The John Tanner Story…Spirit confirm Spiritual Truth…Transfer maybe next week.

To update…G—— is working to overcome addictions and is a member of a part member family we are teaching.  He will be getting baptized on February 28th.  We were thinking that we need to really be in line with the Spirit when we are teaching and especially invite them to be baptized when we have those promptings. 

G—- is struggling to believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet.  SO, we were thinking, to help him with this we could show him, “Treasure in Heaven A John Tanner Story” and we told G—— at the beginning of the lesson, “When we feel the spirit confirm a spiritual truth we are going to ask you to be baptized.”

That is what we did.  G—- said, “I believe that it might be true.”  All these things are helping him out of his addiction challenge. 

All is well.  This may be the last week I am with my two good companions.  Transfers are next week.  Elder Winkler

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