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Church is True and the Book is Blue…Keep Praying for those Eight Guys…Great Companions

That is so true, the church is true and the book is blue. There are always miracles.  It has been hard to organize and tell them.  It has been a hard and rewarding week.  Elder S—- is so funny and … Continue reading

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So Christ-like my companion…Miracles…Simple message that will bless them…Purpose of Life.

My present companions are both really good.  Elder S— is one of a few.  He is so Christ-like.  He is humble and he doesn’t know why he does things but miracles happen because of him.  He always is striving to be … Continue reading

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He read all of it!..”Yes, I would love to be baptised”…HUGE blessings from the Lord…”You are so young to have this authority.”

HUGE blessing from the Lord!  We parked the car all day and went “finding” people to share a message of the restoration and see if anyone wanted to be baptized.  We stopped to have lunch at a Subway and there … Continue reading

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Guided Safely Home…Skyping…Living following the Savior…Free from Worldly Ways…A living Prophet in these latter days.

Skyping Christmas Day was cool.  I loved seeing Grandpa.  he is so cool and funny and just really helpful for his testimony.  R– is doing well and really wants to be baptized.  He is still having  a hard time overcoming … Continue reading

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